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'Groom' for Stardom

Fox's new reality bachelor is 4-foot-5. A 23-year-old dwarf stars in two-episode ''mini''-series ''The Littlest Groom''

Fox's newest reality dating show will be a miniseries, with the network emphasizing the ''mini.'' ''The Littlest Groom,'' which airs Feb. 16 and 23, is an ''Average Joe''-type show, featuring a 23-year-old bachelor named Glen who works in tech support for a cellular company and is 4-feet-5-inches tall. The first installment will match him with a pool of 12 similarly little woman; the second will add women of typical height to the mix.

''I've watched 'The Bachelor' and 'Survivor,' and I thought, gosh, if they did a show about little people, that would be so rad,'' Glen tells the New York Post. ''I've dated more average-sized women than little people,'' adds the part-time actor, who once served as ''Li'l G,'' the mascot for the Philadelphia 76ers. ''There's really no difference; it's really more about heart.'' Of the show, he says: ''It's not every day you see a little person, let alone get to know their personal lives. All I know is that I had a great time doing this show and never for a second felt exploited.''

Originally posted Jan 28, 2004

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