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Goodie Goodies

Stars indulge in Sundance's swagfest

Ah, Sundance. The vaunted festival where indie auteurs celebrate art, struggling actors refine their craft...and celebs shamelessly scoop up free swag. Demi Moore and others invaded Fred Segal's boutique for giveaways like Pony sneaks and cashmere sweaters. ''Matt Dillon raped us,'' hyperbolized a flack. It was a bit more subdued at the Motorola Lodge, where Maggie Gyllenhaal enjoyed a Kiehl's massage. Zooey Deschanel picked up a customized miniskirt at the Levi's Lodge (left), while Nick Carter and Paris Hilton made out (literally) at the Seven Jeans House. Perhaps the best freebie was the $5,000-plus Sundance Channel bag, which came with a free stay at a Caribbean resort. What better way for Lance Bass (and his entourage) to show off those Mystic Tan treatments they snagged?

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