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Global Warning

Red-carpet risk taking doesn't always pay off.

Be careful what you wish for. With fashionistas lamenting the play-it-safe ethos of the last few red-carpet traipses, celebs finally took some sartorial risks at Jan. 25's Golden Globes. Unfortunately, with the exception of Cate Blanchett (in cherry Donna Karan), Uma Thurman (in lavender Versace), and Charlize Theron (in butter yellow Dior), many stars had us wondering whether their stylists were on strike. The usually impeccable Nicole Kidman fumbled in a flapper -- meets -- Solid Gold dancer getup by Yves Saint Laurent, J. Lo (top) took the tangerine tone of her drapey Michael Kors way seriously (Creamsicle lips + shiny skin = no-no), and Gwen Stefani went too fashion-forward in a white Judy Jetson-esque Valentino. Other fashion blunders included Eva Mendes' frumpy Missoni sack, Sofia Coppola's casual frock (paired withugh!flats), and Johnny Depp's sloppy fedora (bottom). Let's hope they get it together before the Oscars.

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