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''Alias''' Jennifer Garner is proud of her curves -- more precisely, her virtual curves. ''Digital Sydney [Bristow] is bigger, better, curvier, tougher, and meaner than I am,'' boasts the actress, who reprises her role as CIA agent Bristow in the upcoming videogame based on the TV show. But while Garner admires her character's buff physique, she's a self-professed klutz when it comes to controlling her doppelganger. ''I kept running myself into walls and was so out of control that my virtual self looked wasted,'' she sheepishly admits. Players control the superspy's actions in a ritzy casino and other locales dreamed up by the show's writers, who penned an original script for the game. Which leads to our one request: How about including an interactive version of that famous lingerie scene from last year's Super Bowl episode?

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