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Biggest Glitch

Celine Dion, Grammy Awards 2004
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Celine Dion had a memorable Grammys moment

Celine Dion Her heart will go on, but her microphone will not. Dion lived through every performer's worst nightmare during a salute to Vandross, unwittingly singing ''Dance With My Father'' into a dead microphone for a good 20 seconds before being forced to start again (it's not clear why producers didn't use the show's much-vaunted five-minute delay to edit out the moment). Dion remained eerily calm, even after further technical problems forced her to ditch the in-ear monitors that allowed her to hear herself. But we'd have given anything for the cameras to have followed her off stage -- where the diva's reaction may have been more histrionic than her singing.

Originally posted Feb 09, 2004

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