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Jeffrey Hunter

King of Kings (1961)

Image credit: King of Kings: Kobal Collection

Jeffrey Hunter: He played Jesus -- what's he done since?

WHAT IT IS Orson Welles' narration — rumored to be written by none other than Ray Bradbury — helps director Nicholas Ray's (Rebel Without a Cause) telling of Jesus' short life rise above the competition as an engaging, thoughtful biopic.

COSTARS Siobhan McKenna (Doctor Zhivago) as Mary; Rip Torn (Larry Sanders) as Judas

HIS CAREER B.C. He and Robert Wagner played WWII Marines in 1958's In Love and War.

HIS CAREER A.D. He played the captain in Star Trek's 1964 pilot episode but refused to continue with the series; he died from head trauma after a 1969 fall.

FINAL JUDGMENT His untimely death cut short his career.

Originally posted Feb 12, 2004

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