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Laws of Attraction (2004)

Julianne Moore, Pierce Brosnan, ... | BROSNAN AND MOORE
Image credit: Laws of Attraction: Barry Wetcher

Details Release Date: Apr 30, 2004; Rated: PG-13; Length: 87 Minutes; Genres: Comedy, Romance; With: Pierce Brosnan and Julianne Moore; Distributor: New Line Cinema

Every fan of old-fashioned movies knows that the more a couple argues, the more they really love each other. In ''Attraction,'' Julianne Moore and Pierce Brosnan are rival divorce attorneys representing a warring couple, played by Michael Sheen and Parker Posey. Before they can shout ''I object,'' they land hard in each other's arms, and, after a drunken evening, awaken to find that they've gotten married. ''I loved the idea of these people -- whose work is dealing with sad, miserable lives -- falling in love,'' says Brosnan, who also serves as an executive producer. As for the chance to bond rather than Bond and play it straight in a comedy, says Brosnan, ''It was nice to be shlubby.'' Geez, take the man out of his tuxedo...

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