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EW takes a first look at the newest Broadway revival. Anne Heche and Alec Baldwin star in ''Twentieth Century''

TWENTIETH CENTURY Today's travelers are content in sweats, but in the 1930s they dressed to impress. So to outfit luxury-rail riders Alec Baldwin and Anne Heche for the Broadway revival of ''Twentieth Century'' (now in previews), William Ivey Long isn't skimping on style. ''She's playing a movie star,'' he says of Heche, who stars as Lily Garland. ''She has peignoirs, a teddy, two dressing gowns, a trouser look....'' Baldwin's costumes are less extravagant: ''I [wear] a suit and tie and a big overcoat,'' says the actor, who plays a Broadway impresario desperate to revive his career -- and his romance with Miss Garland. ''I spend the bulk of the play in pajamas.'' Guess '30s-era attire wasn't so different after all.

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