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What's the FCC?!

The FCC may seem like a group of buttoned-down government appointees -- and they are! But it must be a party a day there, popularizing catchphrases like vast wasteland and V-Chip.

-- Since 1934, the FCC has set TV standards like equal time for political candidates and public-access channels (party on, Wayne!).

-- A 1973 radio show broadcast George Carlin's routine about the seven filthy words you can't say on the air. The FCC then banned the words.

-- Chairman Michael Powell (above) is Colin Powell's son. Other Michael Powells: the long-jump record holder, and the director of 1960's kinky Peeping Tom.

-- Okay, fine! The seven filthy words are:

s -- -, p -- -, f -- -, c -- -, c -- -- -- -er, mother f -- -er, and tits.

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