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David Schwimmer, Friends | 'THE ONE WITH THE PROM VIDEO' Schwimmer flashes back to high school
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'THE ONE WITH THE PROM VIDEO' Schwimmer flashes back to high school

David Schwimmer

Ross Geller

Favorite episode Season 2's ''The One With the Prom Video,'' in which flashbacks reveal that Monica was living large in high school while a horrendously coiffed Ross had secret feelings for a pre-nose-job Rachel. ''For me it's the whole history, both comedically and emotionally, of the origins of the relationship between Ross and Rachel. Not only did we look completely different as teenagers, visually it was just really funny. But I think doing that as actors freed us up in a way -- in particular, with Courteney wearing the fat suit -- to tap into a part of ourselves that was very vulnerable and shy.... I was initially really resistant to the idea of a 'fro and mustache because I knew I was going to look like Gabe Kaplan in 'Welcome Back, Kotter.' Honestly, in my own real life I felt that goofy and ugly-looking in high school. I just had to trust the writers. All great comedy comes from pain.... One of my favorite lines ever is in that episode. When Monica's really fat in the video, she says, 'Well, the camera adds 10 pounds,' and [Chandler] says, 'So, how many cameras are actually on you?'''

Stock quote about saying goodbye ''We have kind of a group focus -- a group hug -- before we come out [on stage], and that was really, really tough to know it was the last time we were going to be doing that. The audience gave us a standing ovation before we even started. Everyone just lost it and had to go back into makeup.''

On doing a reunion show ''I hate the idea of the reunion show, but if it meant I get to revisit the relationships and work with those writers and actors again, then that would be a good thing.''

Cryptic finale hint ''Paris.''

If ''I'll Be There for You'' came on the radio, would you listen? ''If I were alone, maybe. If I was not alone, no.''

Keepsake prop ''When they ripped up the street outside Central Perk, I got a chunk of it. It's in a little case in my library.''

Worst thing about making a million dollars per episode ''All the questions about how much money we make.''

Next Currently shooting the indie comedy ''Duane Hopwood''


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