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Did your picks match up? Our Oscar poll results -- EW/AOL readers got almost all of the big categories correct -- and some of the smaller ones, as well

Sean Penn | INTO THE 'MYSTIC' Penn's win fooled poll voters, who thought Depp would triumph
Image credit: Sean Penn: Jeff HAYNES/AFP/Getty Images
INTO THE 'MYSTIC' Penn's win fooled poll voters, who thought Depp would triumph

Congratulations to the 48,000 or so people who voted in the EW/AOL Oscar poll! You predicted almost everything correctly, from ''Lord of the Rings''' Best Picture win to Charlize Theron's Best Actress triumph. Voters were dead-on in almost all the major categories, with the only slip-up coming for Best Actor, where you picked ''Pirates of the Caribbean'' star Johnny Depp over the actual winner, ''Mystic River'''s Sean Penn, 41 percent to 31 percent.

Among the few other major missteps were picking ''Finding Nemo'' as Best Original Screenplay winner over Sofia Coppola's ''Lost in Translation,'' and picking ''Cold Mountain'' for Best Cinematography over actual winner, ''Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World.'' In all, you picked 17 out of 24 categories correctly -- even somehow nailing ''Two Soldiers''' win in the Best Short Film (Live Action) category. Hope everyone did as well in their office Oscar pools.

Originally posted Mar 01, 2004

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