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-- Love the camp-rock of THE DARKNESS' ''Permission to Land?'' You'll be outraged that their scorching Freddie Mercury-esque power ballad ''How Dare You Call This Love?'' missed the cut.

-- The U.K. sextet SEACHANGE makes a strong bid for Coldplay-like sleeper success with ''News From Nowhere,'' a strikingly moody violin rocker. MATADORRECORDS.COM/MUSIC/MP3S.HTML

-- Think all MTV stars either oversing or can't sing at all? Check out JASON MRAZ's controlled and compelling live TRL rendition of his hit ''You and I Both.'' MTV.COM/MUSIC/DOWNLOADS

-- If you found last year's YEAH YEAH YEAHS debut, ''Fever to Tell,'' measly at a half hour, you'll find comfort in the throat-shredding two-minute nonalbum track ''Yeah! New York.'' ITUNES.COM

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