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The Best of the Rest

Entertainment Weekly picked Chris Rock as America's funniest comic -- here are the other jokers who made our Top 10 in 2004

Ed Helms, Jon Stewart, ...
Image credit: The Daily Show: Norman Jean Roy

Jon Stewart and the 'Daily Show' team


Jon Stewart made our list of America's Top 10 comedians

''The Daily Show With Jon Stewart'' is the most consistent laugh machine on TV -- and the only news source for scores of cynics and slackers. It's not often that a comedy show can tackle politics, embrace a cogent point of view, and still maintain its anarchic spark. The scribes at ''The Daily Show'' pull it off four nights a week. As the heart and soul of the show, Stewart is evenhanded but never meek; as an interviewer, he can make his guests comfortable even as he's taking them apart. Then there's his gang of ''correspondents,'' who soldier straight-facedly into the great American absurd and take no prisoners. Empirically speaking, there's nothing funny about what's going on in the world right now. Yet here we are each week, chortling.

We laughed at Every minute of their ''Indecision 2004'' coverage so far, which is the very definition of a comedy show at the top of its game (see late-'70s ''SNL,'' mid-'90s ''Simpsons,'' etc).

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