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Dave Chappelle


Dave Chappelle
Image credit: David Chappelle: Danielle Levitt

Dave Chappelle made our list of America's Top 10 comedians

Chappelle claims he's ''America's No. 1 source for offensive comedy,'' and we're not gonna argue. On ''Chappelle's Show,'' the wiry comic gleefully engages in crass T&A humor, swears like a sailor, and mocks everyone in the multiculti rainbow, confronting race in a way that is positively Pryor-esque. But shock's the least of it: ''Chappelle's Show'' is skit comedy as it's supposed to be -- a brutal skewering of contemporary life.

We laughed at His ''Frontline''-style exposé of white supremacist Clayton Bigsby, who is...a blind black man.

Originally posted Mar 10, 2004

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