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Doggie Style

''South Park'''s creators on their dirtiest work yet -- After being shelved for four years, Matt Stone and Trey Parker's ''Princess'' is finally released to the Web

See Princess sit. See Princess run. See Princess watch her owners engage in a romp so explosive it lends new meaning to ''mind-blowing sex.''

Four years after shelved Princess -- a naughty cartoon from South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone that follows a G-drawn shih tzu in an X-rated world -- the dog is getting her day. Trio's website (, in conjunction with the cable net's original documentary, Shocked, is giving fans their first peek at the adults-only 'toon. ''Our goal was to see people wearing cute Princess T-shirts, like Hello Kitty s -- -, but have no idea what was really behind it,'' says Stone. Princess apparel aside, the guys achieved their goal of making the most offensive cartoon ever, right? ''Oh, no, no, no,'' Stone says. ''There's more offensive things. Like Shrek.''

Since South Park returns for season 8 on March 17 -- with a holiday episode called ''The Passion of the Easter Bunny'' -- we're not counting them out yet.

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