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What's the 'Rush'?

Chris Tucker mulls ''Money Talks 2'' and ''Rush Hour 3.'' After a three-year absence from the screen, the comic is ready to go back to work, at $20 million a pop

Chris Tucker | BACK TO THE WELL Tucker pursues some follow-ups
Image credit: Chris Tucker: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images/Newscom
BACK TO THE WELL Tucker pursues some follow-ups

After a three-year vacation, it's suddenly ''Rush Hour'' for Chris Tucker. The seldom-busy comic actor now has two sequels in the pipeline, Variety reports. One is ''Rush Hour 3,'' the buddy cop sequel to his last movie, 2001's ''Rush Hour 2,'' and the other is ''Money Talks 2,'' the follow-up to the 1997 comedy hit that also launched the career of ''Rush Hour'' franchise director Brett Ratner. New Line is courting Ratner to direct both films. Tucker's asking price for each film is said to be the same as it was for ''Rush Hour 2'': $20 million against 20 percent of the gross. At that price, Tucker won't have to work again for at least another, oh, six years.

Originally posted Mar 15, 2004

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