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Leah LaBelle

Leah LaBelle, American Idol

Leah LaBelle's pros and cons

Booted off March 17

AGE 17


FINALS-QUALIFYING SONG ''Let's Stay Together''

SHE SAYS ''I'm human. I feel what I feel. And if I want to cry I'm gonna cry.''

PRO She looks like Avril but considers herself an R&B singer.

CON Fans may decide her emotional outbursts mean she's not ready for the rigors of stardom.

EARLY WORD FROM SIMON ET AL. Simon said Leah (Paula's wild-card pick) was like ''a ripped dress'' -- but he meant it as a compliment, as in ''almost perfect.'' Well, we already knew Simon was a little rusty with the flattery.

WE SAY Her reputation for being weepy probably won't wash with hard-hearted viewers.

Originally posted Mar 15, 2004

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