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Kill Bill -- Vol. 2

Kill Bill -- Vol. 2

''Kill Bill -- Vol. 2'' is one of the 10 movies we can't wait to see in early 2004

WHAT IT IS The second half of Quentin Tarantino's sprawling splatter-house thriller. Uma Thurman continues her quest to -- you guessed it -- kill Bill, the assassin who decorated her wedding cake with blood.

WHY WE CAN'T WAIT No one does bloody, buttery popcorn trash like Tarantino, a director reveling in his ultraviolent adolescent fantasies once again.

BURNING QUESTIONS What's the body count? And would blood really spurt like that from a severed limb?

COME FOR Samuel L. Jackson as an organist who wears a kimono. (Well, it makes sense in the movie.)

STAY FOR Bill's predestined death. Or will he survive? Leave it to Tarantino to confound viewer expectations.

Originally posted Mar 19, 2004

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