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THE CORAL stretch their post-punk psychedelic sound to the limit on ''When Good Times Go Bad,'' an oddball nine-minute epic of guitar-crashing, Doors-like intensity. REAL.COM/RHAPSODY

The Wu's GHOSTFACE introduces his Pretty Toney album by teaming with MISSY ELLIOTT on ''Tush,'' a playful sexcapade complete with horny horns and kinky come-ons. ITUNES.COM

Whistle along to the sweet power-pop of ''Drink to Me Babe Then,'' a preview of the debut solo album by A.C. NEWMAN of the New Pornographers. MATADORRECORDS.COM/MUSIC/MP3S.HTML

California-dreamin' Irish blokes THE THRILLS channel Brian Wilson's melodic gifts on this online exclusive, a live rendition of the wispy piano-harmonica gem '''Til the Tide Creeps In.'' ITUNES.COM

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