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'Taking Lives'? Taking Ideas

Why Angelina Jolie's new film may feel familiar - The movie also takes ideas, plotlines, and characters from its predecesors

Why Angelina Jolie's new film may feel familiar

With its identity-stealing killer (hello, Mr. Ripley) and hotshot female agent on the case, the Angelina Jolie thriller Taking Lives has a bit of a copycat (and Copycat) feel about it even the opening credits seem Seven-inspired. We did the math on Lives' formulaic key players.

The Bone Collector's tetchy but forensically adept cop (Angelina Jolie) [divided by] Hannibal's bland but vulnerable serial-killer tracker Agent Starling (Julianne Moore) [equals] Lives' horny but talented FBI profiler (Jolie)

The Silence of the Lambs' self-improvement-obsessed ''Buffalo Bill'' (Ted Levine) [plus] Primal Fear's sinfully two-faced altar boy (Edward Norton) [equals] ? Lives' identity-theft-as-therapy madman (you think we'd tell?)

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