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We're dying for... 'Taxi'

With all these TV series available on DVD, how come there's never a Taxi when you need one? There was nothing hack about the gritty comedy set in the garage of the ironically named Sunshine Cab Company, where Judd Hirsch's salt-of-the-earth cabbie, Alex Rieger, solved everyone's problems but his own. No Seinfeld-size syndication, no Frasier-esque spin-offs, just a handful of Andy Kaufman-episode compilations on VHS. It's time to take this character-driven, three-time Outstanding Comedy Series Emmy winner out for a spin. A Paramount Home Entertainment spokesperson says the studio is considering a DVD release later this year, and series cocreator James L. Brooks hails the possibility: ''Taxi was the right show at the right time with the right group of people,'' he tells EW. ''It is no exaggeration to call it a labor of love.''

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