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Adrien Brody may play male lead in ''King Kong.'' He'd play Jack Driscoll, the adventurer who vies with the big ape for the affections of Naomi Watts

Adrien Brody | 'KONG' JOHN Brody will woo Watts
Image credit: Adrien Brody: Tammie Arroyo/AP
'KONG' JOHN Brody will woo Watts

Adrien Brody's next Academy Award-nominated liplock partner may be Naomi Watts. Variety reports that the ''Pianist'' star is in talks to join Watts and Jack Black as the third lead in Peter Jackson's ''King Kong'' remake. News of Universal's casting offer comes one day after the ''Lord of the Rings'' director announced he'd hired Black to join Watts on the upcoming New Zealand shoot. Brody would play Jack Driscoll, the World War I pilot and adventurer who joins filmmaker Carl Denham (Black) and starlet Ann Darrow (Watts) on Skull Island, where he finds himself vying for her affections with the big gorilla. Of course, to compete with the Oscar-winning osculator, Kong may need a silo-sized spray tube of Binaca.

Originally posted Mar 31, 2004

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