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In the Red Zone

Britney Spears may tour China. She'd be one of the biggest Western pop stars ever to perform in the Communist country

Britney Spears | CHINA GIRL Spears (performing in Seoul in December) may tour China
Image credit: Britney Spears: BMG Korea, HO/AP
CHINA GIRL Spears (performing in Seoul in December) may tour China

Britney Spears may be opening a Far Eastern branch of her Onyx Hotel. Her managers are talking with a Chinese promoter about bringing her concert tour to China later this year, the Associated Press reports. Wang Enqiang, the promoter, told AP that the deal was still awaiting the approval of the Communist regime's culture ministry, adding: ''If approved, [she] would be one of the top performers ever to appear in China.'' He said her managers would be visiting China in mid-April to negotiate, though no one from Britney's camp has commented to the press about a possible China tour.

Few Western pop stars have performed in China. Mariah Carey is one of the biggest, having played two Shanghai shows last November, and metal graybeards Deep Purple are hitting Shanghai and Beijing this week. The Rolling Stones canceled dates in those cities last year in the wake of the SARS outbreak. These days, however, a visiting Spears could breathe easy.

Originally posted Apr 01, 2004

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