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Barry Farber

Mitchell Whitfield

Friends, Mitchell Whitfield
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Barry Farber was a memorable ''Friends'' ex

DATED Rachel

SEASONS 1 and 2

DATING TYPE The Parent-Approved Nebbish

THE LOVE STORY Barry's the dentist Rachel's parents want her to marry. Ick. Realizing that he looks like Mr. Potato Head, she dumps him at the altar (ergo, her wedding-dress-clad entrance at Central Perk). The couple has another short-lived fling when Barry is engaged to Rachel's former best friend and bridesmaid, Mindy.

FUN FACT He was reportedly thisclose to being cast as Ross. Bet that keeps him up nights.

POST-''FRIENDS'' He appeared in the David Spade flop ''Lost & Found.''

Originally posted Apr 01, 2004

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