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-- How can DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL's Chris Carrabba shush his sing-along fans? By covering R.E.M.'s Automatic for the People in concert. A hauntingly faithful ''Nightswimming'' is a standout. ITUNES.COM

-- RYAN ADAMS has released yet another (online-only) EP, Morrocan Role. The ballad ''I'm Coming Over'' suggests that Echo and the Bunnymen are his latest heroes. ITUNES.COM

-- THE SECRET MACHINES' pop hooks and atmospheric, synth-enhanced rock wowed critics at this year's South by Southwest. ''Road Leads Where It's Led'' shows why. LISTEN.COM

-- Despite their anti-Napster history, METALLICA are selling MP3s from their latest tour. A March 14 cover of Queen's ''Stone Cold Crazy'' is James Hetfield at his most melodic. LIVEMETALLICA.COM

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