Stage Review

Sly Fox (2004)

Details Opening Date: Mar 13, 2004; Lead Performances: Richard Dreyfuss and Eric Stoltz; Director: Arthur Penn

Greed, lust, and double-crossing con men might sound like the recipe for a Mamet thriller, but Larry (M*A*S*H) Gelbart's 1976 play is a comedic smorgasbord. Aided and abetted by his conniving lackey Simon Able (a winning Eric Stoltz), the not-so-ill Foxwell J. Sly (Richard Dreyfuss, full of puckish glee) takes to his deathbed to trick a trio of circling vultures out of their prized possessions. (Sound familiar? It's Gelbart's hilarious recasting of the Elizabethan farce Volpone.) When the wheels come off the scam, the laughs come fast and furious. (TC)

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