Stage Review

Frozen (2004 - 2004)


Details Opening Date: Feb 25, 2004; Lead Performances: Swoosie Kurtz and Brian F. O'Byrne; Director: Doug Hughes

A little girl disappears on her way to Grandma's: It's an eerie beginning to this exceptional drama from British playwright Bryony Lavery. But here the big bad wolf is a pedophile/serial killer who celebrates his conquests with elaborate tattoos. We hear some vile details from the man (Brian F. O'Byrne) and a psychiatrist (Laila Robins); most of the story, strangely yet fittingly, comes from the victim's mum (Swoosie Kurtz, for whom a standing ovation seems insufficient). Even after some 20 earth-shattering, emotionally draining years, she can't let go. She's not the only one. (212-279-4200)

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