The Second Coming

QT I won't be making movies, that's for sure. I want to get some movie theaters -- I'm kind of a frustrated theater owner anyway. And I want to have a good life and let the filmography stand on its own. I don't want to be some old guy pitching f -- -ing scripts.

EW What's next? Will it be the much-discussed Inglorious Bastards -- what you've described as your Dirty Dozen?

QT I'm going to take a little break -- not as long as the last time -- but I'll probably do something small, something modest, in between, and then do the war movie.

EW What about reports of working on Robert Rodriguez's next film, Sin City?

QT I totally want to do it -- it's based on one of Frank Miller's graphic novels. I'd be a special guest director. He wrote the score for Kill Bill -- Vol. 2 and charged me a dollar to do it, so I'll charge him a buck for directing.

EW Do you ever worry that your moment has passed? As popular as Kill Bill was, it didn't have the watercooler buzz of Reservoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction.

QT It's not something I think about. Pulp Fiction was a phenomenon. You can't count on making a phenomenon every time out of the gate or you'll be one sorry bastard. And when you make a movie as violent as Kill Bill, you can't be surprised when people don't want to see it. Harvey Weinstein always says, ''We could make $100 million if people weren't drowning in blood!'' [Laughs.]

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QT's Dream Team


QT's Dream Team

A look at the director's all-time would-be favorite actress to work with, monster to center a movie around, director to promote, and imported cut of meat to savor on his day of execution.

ACTRESS ''As much as I want to live a long time -- like, I want to live to 100 -- I would give up five years of my life to work with Tura Satana [circa her starring role in 1965's Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!]. She is Japanese, Cheyenne, and something else -- awesome.''

OBSCURE DIRECTOR ''I'm a big fan of Brian Trenchard-Smith. He did a Vietnam movie called The Siege of Firebase Gloria [1989], starring Wings Hauser. He also did a really terrific movie, Dead End Drive-In [1986], based on a Peter Carey short story.''

DESERT-ISLAND DATE ''Pauline Kael [the late New Yorker film critic] -- if we'd have enough movies to watch and talk about.''

LAST SUPPER, GUESTS ''Of creative people I know who like me and get me: [left to right] Paul Thomas Anderson, Robert Rodriguez, Sofia Coppola, [producer] Stacey Sher -- those in particular.''

LAST SUPPER, FOOD ''Kobe beef.''

MONSTER ''I have an idea for a Godzilla movie that I've always wanted to do. The whole idea of Godzilla's role in Tokyo, where he's always battling these other monsters, saving humanity time and again -- wouldn't Godzilla become God? It would be called Living Under the Rule of Godzilla. This is what society is like when a big f -- -ing green lizard rules your world.''

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