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The all-time best kid actors: Ron Howard gets Ken Tucker's vote -- but you may be surprised whom he also mentions

Evan Rachel Wood | ELECTRIC YOUTH Wood was impressive on ''Once and Again''
Image credit: Evan Rachel Wood: Everett Collection
ELECTRIC YOUTH Wood was impressive on ''Once and Again''

The all-time best kid actors

Who do you think have been some of TV's best child actors? Evan Rachel Wood gets my vote. -- Michael Clark

I agree: Wood's subtle work as a troubled daughter on ABC's ''Once and Again'' was superb. But my all-time favorite performance by a TV kid is Ron Howard's tousled, sensitive Opie on ''The Andy Griffith Show.'' And let's hear it for Jaleel White's portrayal of television's great nerd youth, Steve Urkel, on ''Family Matters.'' White's shrewd deadpan and adroit slapstick were underrated.

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