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Best 339 Seconds On TV

Janet Jackson on SNL is the best 339 Seconds On TV

If music soothes the savage breast, it's no wonder Janet Jackson, coming off her two-week Mammary Contrition Tour, appeared relaxed -- even joyful -- on SNL. As host, the singer tweaked her nipple one last time and reminded us what a game comedienne she is. In the opening sketch, Jackson, clad in Condoleezza Rice drag, asks Dick Cheney (peerless impressionist Darrell Hammond) to help her prep for her 9/11 commission testimony. He coaches her to flash... a smile, and she obliges with a hilarious, crooked, bucktoothed, 1000-watter. Coach Cheney persists: ''If all else fails...I think you should flash a boob.'' Condi leaves in a huff, saying such lewdness is reserved for ''pay television or national sporting championships.'' But a few moments later at the hearing, flummoxed by a contorted (and real-life) question, Condi rends her blouse with Timberlakian zeal to reveal a pixelated ''fun bag'' (as Cheney dubbed it) -- and Jackson brings SNL its best overnight ratings in 16 months.

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