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Now And Then: Russell Crowe

Is Russell Crowe in DVD deja vu?

War is hell, but carpe dynamic storytelling abounds in two notably similar DVDs with Crowe as a thrill-seeking military man: Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World and For the Moment. Same as it ever was...

Master and Commander (PG-13, 138 mins., 2003, Fox)

''Lucky'' is the nickname of Crowe's Napoleonic War British navy captain, Jack Aubrey.

Crowe dramatically plays violin with an amused grin.

Jack's ginger-haired buddy (Paul Bettany) trades love of nature for battle.

End: shot of ship crossing ocean as string music swells.

For the Moment (PG-13, 119 mins., 1996, Fox)

''Lucky, lucky, lucky'' is the leitmotif of Crowe's World War II British Commonwealth pilot, Lachlan.

Crowe dramatically recites poetry with an amused grin.

Lachlan's ginger-haired buddy (Peter Outerbridge) trades love of a woman for battle.

End: shot of plane crossing ocean as string music swells.

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