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Lucy Liu, Cameron Diaz, & Drew Barrymore

No. 13

Lucy Liu, Cameron Diaz, ...

Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, and Lucy Liu kick butt in the ''Charlie's Angels'' movies

AS Alex Munday, Natalie Cook, and Dylan Sanders
IN Charlie's Angels (2000) and Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (2003)

WHO ARE THEY? A trio of sexy supersleuths who work for the unseen Charles Townsend

SKILLS Disguises, computers, martial arts, motor vehicles, archery, foreign languages, and mechanical bull-riding. (But they never use guns.)

BATTLE GEAR A pit-crew uniform (Dylan); a dominatrix-like leather suit (Alex); and Underoos (Natalie)

MALE ADMIRERS Mariner Chad (Tom Green) wooed Dylan; Soul Train aficionado Pete (Luke Wilson) is Natalie's dim-witted beau; Alex runs lines with Hollywood actor Jason (Matt LeBlanc).

DROP-DEAD DIALOGUE ''And that's kicking your ass.'' (Dylan, in Charlie's Angels)

CAN'T GET ENOUGH? Barrymore is a gun-toting teen on the lam in Guncrazy (1992); Diaz finds love and action with Ewan McGregor in A Life Less Ordinary (1997), and Liu crosses swords with Uma Thurman in Kill Bill -- Vol. 1 (2003).

Originally posted Apr 16, 2004

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