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Joan Crawford

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Joan Crawford, Johnny Guitar
Image credit: Johnny Guitar: ZUMA Press

Joan Crawford kicks butt in ''Johnny Guitar''

AS Vienna
IN Johnny Guitar (1954)

WHO IS SHE? In this rare cowgirl-centered Western, she's a saloonkeeper who's persecuted by townsfolk whipped into a frenzy by her nemesis, prim Emma Small (Mercedes McCambridge).

SKILLS Shootin', brawlin,' eyebrow-archin'. Also, she's a shrewd businesswoman.

BATTLE GEAR All-black Western-wear, including britches

MALE ADMIRER Johnny Guitar (Sterling Hayden), a reformed gunfighter

DROP-DEAD DIALOGUE ''Down there I sell whiskey and cards. All you can buy up these stairs is a bullet in the head. Now which do you want?''

CAN'T GET ENOUGH? A younger Crawford leads frequent screen partner Clark Gable on a spy chase across Europe in Love on the Run (1936).

Originally posted Apr 16, 2004

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