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Michelle Rodriguez

No. 11

Michelle Rodriguez, Girlfight
Image credit: Girlfight: Independent Film Channel/ZUMA Press

Michelle Rodriguez kicks butt in ''Girlfight''

AS Diana Guzman
IN Girlfight (2000)

WHO IS SHE? Aspiring Brooklyn boxer who challenges herself, her pugilist beau, and the machismo ways of her upbringing

SKILLS She's a knockout in more ways than one.

BATTLE GEAR Regulation trunks

MALE ADMIRER Adrian (Santiago Douglas), a fellow fighter

DROP-DEAD DIALOGUE (To Adrian) ''You still like me with my black eye?'' (His response: ''I think I like you more.'')

CAN'T GET ENOUGH? Rodriguez plays a variety of snarling tough girls in The Fast and the Furious (2001), Resident Evil (2002), and Blue Crush (2002).

Originally posted Apr 16, 2004

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