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Sigourney Weaver

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Sigourney Weaver, Aliens
Image credit: Aliens: ZUMA Press

Sigourney Weaver kicks butt in the ''Alien'' movies

AS Ellen Ripley
IN Alien (1979), Aliens (1986), Alien 3 (1992), Alien Resurrection (1997)

WHO IS SHE? Astronaut who, over the course of four movies to date, proves as resilient as the slimy, face-hugging, acid-blooded space parasites that pursue her

SKILLS Resourcefulness, iron will, a fierce maternal instinct

BATTLE GEAR Her skivvies (in the climax of Alien) or her company-issued flightsuit

MALE ADMIRER Clemens (Charles Dance), the prison doctor in Alien 3

DROP-DEAD DIALOGUE ''Get away from her, you bitch!'' (to the alien queen in Aliens)

CAN'T GET ENOUGH? Weaver parodies her space heroics in Galaxy Quest (1999).

Originally posted Apr 16, 2004

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