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Bad Hair Day

The latest fallout from ''The Apprentice'' -- Clairol dumps Omarosa ad, Bill's cigar company overrated, and Trump offers to pay for Troy's college education

Troy McClain, The Apprentice | YOU'RE ENROLLED! McClain is going to college
Image credit: The Apprentice: Scott Duncan
YOU'RE ENROLLED! McClain is going to college

''The Apprentice'' may have ended its season a week ago, but the contestants' 15 minutes of fame aren't over yet. Most notably, Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth continues to stir controversy. This week, she continued to do what she seems to do best: get fired. After it was announced that she'd filmed a cameo in a Clairol Herbal Essences ''streaking party'' ad, the hair color manufacturer was deluged with angry e-mails and boycott threats, MSNBC reports. On Wednesday, the company announced it was washing its hair of her and dropping her from the ad, issuing a statement that said: ''After reviewing the film of all the possible endings a decision has been made not to use the Omarosa take.'' Still, her streak isn't over; she'll still appear in an episode of NBC's soap ''Passions'' in May, and she says she's in talks for a role in a sitcom pilot.

''Apprentice'' winner Bill Rancic is on his way to a $250,000-a-year position managing Donald Trump's skyscraper construction project in Chicago (a project that may be tracked in a spinoff series), but the résumé that helped land Rancic the job may have been inflated. Rancic may have claimed that he grew his company, Cigars Around the World, into a ''multimillion dollar'' business, but a Securites and Exchange Commission filing issued after Rancic sold the company last year and posted at The Smoking Gun shows the firm's sale price was just $425,000, with an additional ''consideration'' of up to $450,000 coming Rancic's way through 2006. Close, but no cigar.

Trump held a mini-reunion with some of the contestants on CNN's ''Larry King Live'' on Wednesday, where The Donald announced a mini-scholarship program. The first beneficiary: Troy McClain, the only contestant who didn't have a degree. ''I read somewhere where Troy wanted to go back to college. And the problem is, he's got a family. You know, it's hard to afford college. College is expensive,'' said Trump, who made McClain an offer contingent upon the approval of the other contenders. ''The offer is that I will pay for his college education if he wants to go back.'' The other contestants voted unanimously that McClain should accept the offer.  Said Trump: ''Congratulations. You better pick a nice, good, expensive college.''

Originally posted Apr 23, 2004

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