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Poker Face

Director Brett Ratner learns a lesson in losing - Why losing a poker game means great publicity for the New York Film Academy

How's this for paying off your debts? In a commercial now airing, director Brett Ratner (Rush Hour) -- evidently under duress -- calls the New York Film Academy ''the greatest film school in the universe, bar none.'' Turns out, Ratner was playing a high-stakes poker game with NYFA director Jerry Sherlock (who exec-produced The Hunt for Red October) and Pierce Brosnan, star of Ratner's upcoming After the Sunset, and the ad is the result. ''[Jerry] said, 'If you win I'll give you a Rodin statue,''' Ratner explains. ''A Rodin. It was a big hand. I said, 'Well I'm not going to give you a piece of art, so what do you want from me?''' He convinced the director to ante up the ad. ''So I f -- -ing lost.... He called my bluff.''

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