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Blood and Goran

Goran Visnjic is Garner's ''Elektra'' costar. He'll play a man that Garner's assassin is supposed to kill but falls for instead

Goran Visnjic | DEADLY ATTRACTIVE Visnjic will woo Garner
Image credit: Goran Visnjic: Lionel Hahn/Abaca Press/Newscom
DEADLY ATTRACTIVE Visnjic will woo Garner

Goran Visnjic, who went up against Jennifer Garner this weekend at the box office (his thriller ''Close Your Eyes'' opened in limited release opposite her widely distributed comedy ''13 Going on 30''), will clash with her again on the screen. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the ''ER'' hunk is in talks to costar with the ''Alias'' spy in ''Elektra,'' the ''Daredevil'' spinoff that begins shooting next month in Vancouver. In the film, assassin Elektra is assigned by the shadowy group the Hand to kill Visnjic's character over a long-standing family grievance. Unfortunately, she falls in love with him instead. Not a bad cap to a busy week for Visnjic, whose week opened with USA's premiere of his miniseries ''Spartacus,'' in which he starred as the slave-turned-revolutionary.

Also just cast in ''Elektra'' is Terence Stamp, who knows from vengeful killers, having starred as one in 1999's ''The Limey.'' He'll play Elektra's sightless mentor, Stick. (What is it with Elektra and blind guys?). Rob Bowman (''Reign of Fire,'' ''The X-Files'') is directing the 20th Century Fox film.

Originally posted Apr 26, 2004

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