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-- Red Hot Chili Pepper guitarist JOHN FRUSCIANTE offers a Web-only acoustic version of his 2003 solo effort, Shadows Collide With People. Don't miss the gritty melodic pop of ''Carvel.'' JOHNFRUSCIANTE.COM

-- ''Don't Say Nuthin,'' from July's The Tipping Point, heralds the return of THE ROOTS, with rapper Black Thought's infectiously nonsensical hook topping a head-nodding Scott Storch-produced beat. ITUNES.COM

-- Turning down the messy-noisy guitar riffs and pumping up the funky-fresh house beats, disco headbangers THE RAPTURE deliver an online-exclusive remix of ''I Need Your Love.'' ITUNES.COM

-- DANGER MOUSE, the mastermind matchmaker behind the acclaimed Grey Album, teams with DefJux rapper Murs on the haunting, politically charged ''To a Black Boy.'' DJDANGERMOUSE.COM

Originally posted May 07, 2004

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