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Why ''13 Going on 30'''s soundtrack is out of sync - Age-inappropriate artists like Pat Benatar, The Go-Go's, and Michael Jackson don't add up

Why ''13 Going on 30'''s soundtrack is out of sync

Not to quibble over realism in a flick that involves aging 17 years overnight, but what's up with the anachronistic musical tastes of 13 Going on 30's young Jenna Rink (Christa B. Allen)? Playing a 1987 teen, she fawns over early-'80s hunk Rick Springfield, not year-appropriate Jon Bon Jovi, and is obsessed with the 1982 Michael Jackson hit ''Thriller.'' ''We wanted to get iconic '80s music,'' says director Gary Winick of the time-traveling soundtrack. '''Thriller' speaks for itself. When we tried to think of who would be the heartthrob for [Jenna], Rick won.'' As for the film's other too-retro tunes, like the Go-Go's ''Head Over Heels'' (1984) and Pat Benatar's 1983 single ''Love Is a Battlefield,'' Winick laughs. ''You caught us. What can I say?''

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