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First look at ''Batman Begins'' - Christian Bale's image looks no-nonsense in the new Christopher Nolan's next installment


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BATMAN BEGINS We already knew Christian Bale looks good in a suit; he wore several to killer effect in 2000's American Psycho. But now we know Bale also models the fashions of Gotham City nicely. This exclusive image reveals the new Batman -- and by ''new'' we mean completely new. Director Christopher Nolan (Memento) is rooting the visual concept of Batman Begins (due June 2005) in Frank Miller's graphic novel Batman: Year One and other comics sources -- not in the work of former franchise custodians Tim Burton and (shudder) Joel Schumacher. Perhaps that's why this gray-on-black Batsuit has a no-nonsense quality to it -- or as no-nonsense as you can get and still have bat ears. One thing's certain: Bale's definitely got the chops -- and the chin -- for the part.

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