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Porn industry 101 - Look inside the industry's 100-year history

1. Based mostly in the San Fernando Valley, the biz rakes in roughly $9 billion annually from hardcore videos, cable programming, and magazines, making it as lucrative as Hollywood's domestic box office.

2. Ron Jeremy may be more famous, but Tom Byron can lay claim to being porn's most prolific living performer. According to the Adult Film Database, he's appeared in 2,063 films to date.

3. Since his 1988 Supreme Court victory, Hustler honcho Larry Flynt has comped every Congress member a mag subscription.

4. On-screen sex scenes go waaay back! A 1907 film, El Sartorio, featured a sexcapade with three bathing beauties and a devilishly curious man (baum-chicka-baum...).

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