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-- Although ''Latchkey Kid,'' Seattle producer PLAN B's ephemeral groove, is posted on his website, the rest of his latest EP, Keepsake, is available only in France. C'est la vie.

-- Once MTV's music supervisors get a listen to OZOMATLI's ''Saturday Night,'' from the group's June album, the Roots won't be the only live hip-hop band on everybody's radar.

-- DJ Diplo of mash-up-meisters Hollatronix mixes RJD2's already-experimental production with everyone from OutKast to MC Lyte for this exclusive streaming beat-blitz.

-- Think YELLOWCARD are merely milking their ''punk band with a violinist'' shtick for critical buzz? You can check their chops yourself on this online-only acoustic version of ''Avondale.''

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