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Break-Up Time

Why two ''SNL'' cut-ups are each other's biggest fans - Jimmy Fallon and Horatio Sanz have each other in stitches

Why two ''SNL'' cut-ups are each other's biggest fans

Saturday Night Live's Maya Rudolph scored a spot on our 25 Funniest People list, but it's fellow cast members Jimmy Fallon (far left) and Horatio Sanz who really get the laughs -- from each other. Watching this pair crack themselves up is funnier than half the show's sketches, and could even turn into a trendy new drinking game (chug every time Jimmy snickers during ''Weekend Update''). Oddly, when SNL began in 1975, giggling during a sketch was derided as being too ''Carol Burnett.'' At least they're not doing Tarzan yells.

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