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Coroner: Spector might not have shot victim. A coroner's report suggests that Lana Clarkson could have shot herself at the legendary producer's home

Phil Spector | RAISING QUESTIONS Coroner says victim may have shot herself
Image credit: Phil Spector: Nick Ut/AP
RAISING QUESTIONS Coroner says victim may have shot herself

Producer Phil Spector's alleged murder victim may have actually used his gun to shoot herself, according to a coroner's report cited by the Associated Press. Actress Lana Clarkson had gunshot residue on her hands and had the gun in her mouth at the time of the shooting, suggesting that she may have fired it herself, AP reported. The report was produced four days after Clarkson's death in February 2003, but had been kept secret by prosecutors. Spector's defense attorneys decided to release the report after prosecutors refused to do so, according to AP.

Still, the coroner's report ultimately concludes that Spector murdered Clarkson, and a district attorney spokesperson told AP that prosecutors acknowledge that the gun was in her mouth. ''It does not mean she put it there,'' spokesperson Sandi Gibbons told AP. ''We're fully aware of the contents of the autopsy report and we intend to proceed with this case.'' She alleged that Spector also had gunshot residue on his hands, along with blood. Spector, who maintains his innocence, was charged with murder last November, and released on $1 million bail.

Originally posted May 07, 2004

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