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Bachelor Jesse Palmer Drops the Ball


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''The Bachelor: Jesse Palmer'' had one of the five best reality TV moments

For once, it really was the most shocking rose ceremony...ever! Quarterback Jesse Palmer threw a perfect shame spiral on ''The Bachelor'''s current season premiere when he mistakenly offered a rose to Katie (an uncomfortably self-effacing corporate manager) instead of Karen (an unflinchingly self-possessed former pageant queen). Blessed frame-by-frame technology allows us to relive the flash of Holy crap! panic behind Jesse's bedroom eyes and the split-second droop in his dazzling smile after realizing his romantic fumble. Even better is watching him reveal the blunder, and then (to paraphrase Bart Simpson) freeze-framing on the precise moment Katie's remaining dignity evaporates in a silent puff of awkwardness.
Originally posted May 13, 2004

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