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-- Lookin' for a good cry? Pour the wine, dim the lights, and grab some Kleenex while you play the brokenhearted ''Eso (Live)'' by Spain's superstar crooner-guitarist ALEJANDRO SANZ. ITUNES.COM

-- Singer-songwriter JOHNATHAN RICE offers the dreamy Jeff Buckley-esque ballad ''My Mother's Son (Live Version)'' in advance of his impressive Warner Bros. debut, Trouble Is Real. JOHNATHANRICE.COM

-- Even if you've OD'd on the VH1 staple ''This Love'' by MAROON 5, you should check out the mellow acoustic version, which highlights Adam Levine's colorful vocals. REAL.COM/RHAPSODY

-- Hot on the heels of a best-selling D-12 album, Eminem produces what could become this summer's official club banger -- ''On Fire,'' the first solo single from 22-year-old G-Unit soldier LLOYD BANKS. ITUNES.COM

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