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Mazel Toddler

Oy vey, Jewish babies are the new trendsetters! Bibs and onesies emblazoned with Jewish phrases are flying off the shelves in Hollywood

Jewish tots (or at least those copping their style) are the latest Hollywood trendsetters: Laura Dern bought a ''Shmutz'' (''a little mess'') bib for Courteney Cox Arquette's bubeleh-to-be from L.A. designers Rabbi's Daughters, while will be rolling out onesies emblazoned with Jewish phrases next month (fans of the NYC-based line include Leah Remini and Madonna). Lest we forget the boychicks, L.A.'s Mookie & Scrunch have designed a Bris Kit, packed with big-day essentials like Neosporin. (Debra Messing's baby, Roman, was an early recipient.) ''The original prototype [included] a cloth diaper embroidered with a Hebrew blessing,'' says creator Tristen Sullivan. ''[But] the Orthodox community didn't want the word God anywhere near the butt.''

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