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''Bachelor'' Bob is engaged. He popped the question to ''All My Children'''s Rebecca Budig, then took her to the Daytime Emmys

Bob Guiney | GETTING HITCHED Guiney and Budig spilled the beans at the Daytime Emmys
Image credit: Bob Guinney and Rebecca Budig: Nancy Kaszerman/ZUMA Press/NewsCom
GETTING HITCHED Guiney and Budig spilled the beans at the Daytime Emmys

ABC's ''The Bachelor'' has resulted in another wedding -- sort of. The groom is Bob Guiney, but the bride is not Estella Gardinier, the woman he gave a ring to at the end of last fall's ''Bachelor'' season. Rather, it's Rebecca Budig, one of the stars of ABC's ''All My Children,'' and host of ''Bachelor'' and ''Bachelorette'' reruns on the ABC Family Channel. TV's ''Extra'' spotted them at Friday's Daytime Emmy Awards ceremony in New York, where Budig revealed that Guiney had popped the question ''last night.'' He gave her a 2-carat diamond ring that he designed himself, ''Extra'' reported. It'll be the second marriage for both Guiney and Budig, who has played Greenlee Smythe for five years on ''AMC.''

Guiney's romantic history, of course, has played out on TV. Rejected by Trista Rehn on ''The Bachelorette,'' he went on to star in his own season of ''The Bachelor,'' where he presented a diamond to fellow mortgage broker Gardinier during the taping of the finale in September. Viewers didn't see this until November, and the two-month enforced separation designed to keep the show spoiler-free apparently took a toll on the couple. After a joint appearance at Trista's televised wedding to Ryan Sutter in December, Guiney and Gardinier split. By February, however, he and Budig acknowledged to People magazine that they were seeing each other. No word on when they'll wed, or if ABC plans to televise their nuptials.

Originally posted May 25, 2004

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