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Giving her yodel-yelps and tongue-twisting lyrics a rest, ALANIS MORISSETTE delivers her strongest chart contender in years: a hushed live version of ''Excuses,'' from her latest, So-Called Chaos. REAL.COM/RHAPSODY

Mix emo-core howler Daryl Palumbo of Glassjaw with Gorillaz' Dan the Automator and you get electro-rock act HEAD AUTOMATICA. Sample their rollicking debut with ''Brooklyn is Burning.'' HEADAUTOMATICA.COM

ANGIE STONE returns with a sultry summer treat, ''I Wanna Thank Ya.'' The hypnotic, hip-swaying disco-soul single also features a memorable guest spot by the indelible Snoop D-O-Double-Gizzle. ITUNES.COM

QUINCY JONES' long-lost ''Groovy Gravy'' was intended for Bill Cosby's eponymous '60s sitcom. But the superfly jazz-funk cut will finally have its day on the upcoming ''Original Jam Sessions 1969.'' ITUNES.COM

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